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Since 2006, numerous Fairtrade projects have been implemented in the region around our farm. These include the building of three primary schools each for over 100 pupils in the neighbouring municipalities of Adabra, Akramang and Amoanda. As well as edu-
cation, we also support sport and are particularly proud of the Milani Football Team!

The latest project is an outpatient medical clinic in Akramang which will be handed over to the municipality in the next few months and which in the future will provide many people with simple and inexpensive access to basic medical care for the first time. Building work is currently ongoing.

A very important project for us is one that we have implemented in close cooperation with German investment and development company DEG. Our MOPP project (Milani Outgrower Pineapple Project) is financing 14 smallhold farmers and training them in pineapple cultivation. 500 to 1000 tonnes of pineapples are produced every year for export via this project.

Previous projects:

  • Computer courses for employees:
Helping develop new competencies which will make their daily lives easier.

  • Health:
Fairtrade bonus money was used to finance the building of water pipes and wells in four municipalities in the area, improving general levels of health and in particular taking steps to prevent the spread of the parasitic Guinea worm.

  • Micro credits:
To improve the mobility of the workers, they are given support to help them purchase bicycles and motorbikes.

  • Training:
Schools in four municipalities were given contributions towards school supplies and equipment. In one of the municipalities, the construction of a whole new school building was financed.